2 Dozen Duck Hunting Tips

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duck hunting tips
Read the 2 dozen duck hunting tips below to have a more productive and enjoyable duck hunt. Muddy the water to attract more ducks.

Most duck hunters like learning nifty new duck hutning tips that can make their duck hunting more productive and enjoyable. For example, one duck hunter was trying to find a leak in his waders recently without any luck. “Try this,” a friend said. “Put a drop-cord light inside the waders and stand in a dark room. The light will shine through holes, and you can easily mark the spots for patching.” Problem solved.

Duck hunting tips like that can be really helpful and heighten enjoyment of the waterfowling experience. Here are 24 more to try.

Rain X
A few drops of this and no more duck caller freeze-ups.

Avoid Foul Weather "Fowl-Ups"

Duck call reeds sometimes freeze or stick in frigid weather. Prevent gum-ups by using a product such as Rain-X or Aquapel that’s made to deter rain, snow and ice buildup on windshields. A few drops rubbed on the reed with a cloth make the reed less likely to stick in the heat of a cold-weather hunt.

Band Lanyard

Display the waterfowl bands you collect on a personalized lanyard. Colored nylon cord can be braided to make a handsome holder you wear around your neck with your duck calls.

duck decoy hauler
A garbage can makes a great deke hauler.

Deke Mobile

A garbage can with wheels makes a great shuttle when moving numerous duck decoys from your clubhouse to your duck blind. A commercial can holds two to three dozen with room to spare.

Pop Bottle Bag Saver

Your mesh duck decoy bag won’t sink and get lost if you tie a 2-liter soda bottle inside. Screw the cap down tight, and remove the bottle label to eliminate bright colors.

Duck Decoy Line Holders

Use 1/2-inch-wide, heavy-duty rubber bands stretched over the keel to hold your duck decoy lines in place and keep the line set at the proper depth.

duck call
Tape yourself and see if you can really call ducks.

Duck Calling Tape

Maybe you’re a great duck caller. Maybe not. Record yourself and find out. Listen for weaknesses in your duck call, then practice to improve them.

Stir It Up

When wading in clear water, kick your feet to stir the mud around your duck decoys. Duck activity creates muddy water, and a muddy zone in an area of clear water is easy for ducks to spot.

Tip-Up Tactic

Want to add action to your duck decoy spread? Secure a screw eye in a duck decoy’s bill. Set the decoy in the center of your spread above a small anchor. Run a nylon cord from your duck blind through the anchor eye and tie it to the screw eye in the duck decoy. When you tug the line, the duck decoy tips up like a feeding duck.

duck call
Burnt cork makes excellent camo.

Cork Camo

Use a wine-bottle cork to camouflage your face when duck hunting. Singe the end with a lighter, allow to cool, then rub the black residue on your face.

Duck Fishing

Don’t have a retriever or duck hunting boat? You still can hunt ducks on ponds and streams too deep for wading if you carry a fishing rod and floating plug. When you drop a duck in the water, cast to it, hook it and reel it in.

Easy Clean-up

Dull, dirty duck decoys can be brightened up with some tire cleaner solution. Spray thoroughly and allow to dry overnight. In the morning, the original colors will be more vivid and easier for ducks to see.




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